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Cinephilia is a festival composed of a short film competition and a screenings programme that celebrates the cinema of the 20th century.

Filmmakers have created original short films inspired by a scene from classic cinema. No longer than 15 minutes and made using any device, these short films pay homage to the golden oldie they are inspired by.

2016’s films were judged by our expert panel (see below) who selected the top shorts that have been shown at the live event on 29 October at Hackney Showroom in front of a 125+ audience.

Attendees got to see these fantastic shorts, received a free drink, access to an exclusive art exhibition, goodies from our partners, the chance to win loads of prizes and more.

We also held a series of screenings with Everyman Cinema in the lead up to Cinephilia Film Fest. On the last edition we showed All About Eve and Sunset Boulevard.

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the Collection

Taxi Driver

Martin Scorsese


You Talkin’ to Me Scene


Sunset Boulevard

Billy Wilder


I’m Ready For My Close-Up Scene


All About Eve

Joseph L. Mankiewicz


Being A Woman Scene


Choose your
own scene

From an all time classic

up until 1980

If none of these three classic scenes are quite your type, pick one of your all time favourites as inspiration for your own original short film.

the Jury


Petra Mandová

Head of Programming, Cinema Jam

Petra fell in love with cinema at age 12, spending countless hours sat in front of the family VCR soaking up the classics. As an adult she continued to feed her passion for film, first in the academic world, studying in Prague, Paris and Brazil. Petra then had a stint at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and Prague International Film Festival (FEBIO), before moving to London, where she has worked at BFI and London Film Festival. She is now head of programming at international film industry organisation Cinema Jam.

Sam Morrill

Curation & Content Acquisitions, Vimeo

Sam Morrill joined Vimeo in 2009 where he currently serves as its Lead Curator. From customer support, to content acquisitions, to curating Vimeo Staff Picks, Sam has experienced Vimeo’s growth and evolution from a variety of different angles. When he’s not watching videos, he’s probably traveling or working on his amateur golf swing. Sam is a graduate of Middlebury College and currently resides in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY.

Matt Turner

Membership & Editorial, Shooting People

Matt works for Shooting People, the UK's largest network of independent filmmakers. As well as handling the organisation's outgoing and internal communications and acting as the voice of the social channels, Matt curates SP's Film of the Month competition. When not representing Shooting People, Matt is usually found scurrying between the city’s repertory cinemas trying to make up for lost time, or writing about film at

Will Tennant

Development & Acquisitions Manager, The Imaginarium Studios

Will is the Development and Acquisitions Manager for The Imaginarium Studios, the production company set up by Andy Serkis and Jonathan Cavendish. The company recently produced Fungus the Bogeyman for SKY Television and is in post-production on Jungle Book for Warner Brothers. Prior to joining the Imaginarium, Will worked for Mel Gibson's Icon Entertainment.

Adam Woodward

Digital Editor, Little White Lies

Adam Woodward is Digital Editor at Little White Lies. He has been writing about film since 2008.

the Awards

Cinephilia icon


£250 cash prize as chosen by the Cinephilia team – WINNER

Audience icon


  • One year WeTransfer Plus upgrade
  • One year Everyman Cinema standard membership
  • One year subscription to the film magazine Little White Lies
  • One Final Draft 9 App download
  • Exclusive Vimeo swag pack
  • Collaboration on the selection of one of the 3 classic scenes for Cinephilia Film Fest 2017



Jury icon


  • One Final Draft 9 software download
  • One year access to Cinema Jam’s monthly Jam Sessions
  • One year WeTransfer Plus upgrade
  • One year BFI membership
  • One year Vimeo Plus account upgrade
  • One year membership account with Shooting People
  • One year subscription to Sight & Sound magazine
  • Special consideration for a featured placement on Vimeo’s Staff Picks and Curated Categories






your favourite scene from the Cinephilia Collection above and get inspired!



a short film no longer than 15 minutes in length using any device. You also have 10 free audio downloads from Audio Network.

Fill out

Fill out

our online application form and upload your video by Wednesday 27 July 2016

the Event

29th October 2016

Hackney Showroom, London



Check out the photos

the Screenings

All About Eve

Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1950

4th October

@ The Screen on the Green

Sunset Boulevard

Billy Wilder, 1950

5th October

@ The Screen on the Green



Previously named Remake Film Fest, Cinephilia Film Fest was launched in 2015 in London. For the pilot edition we selected scenes from Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960), Michael Curtis’ Casablanca (1942) and Singin’ In the Rain (1952) by Gene Kelly and Stanley Dolan for filmmakers to use as the basis to create new shorts.

From a number of applications, our jury composed of Sarah Arruda (Nexus Productions), Inês Braga (Screenwriter), Lucia Lopez (Screenwriter), Jordan McGarry (VIMEO) and Michael Sandoval (New York Film Academy) selected 10 short films to be shown at the live event. An audience of 100+ viewers attended the event at The Proud Archivist where they selected the films Remake It Again by Joe Button and Puppy Dog Tails by James Atkins as the winners of the Jury Award and Audience Award – watch them here.

We extend a huge thank you to our partners The Proud Archivist, VIMEO, IndieFlix, Shooting People, Little White Lies, PROPERCORN, LSFF, Power to the Pixel, BEEVERYCREATIVE, WeTransfer, Everyman and GifGif for their kind support in 2015.

IMG_2552 IMG_2578


Cinephilia Film Fest was the 2016 upgrade to Remake Film Fest, launched in 2015. For this edition we selected scenes from Scorcese’s Taxi Driver (1976), Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard (1950) and Mankiewicz’s All About Eve (1950) for filmmakers to get inspired by to create their new original shorts. For this edition we added a new Choose-Your-Own section for those who already had classic-inspired films that fit the criteria.

From the collection of applications received, our jury composed of Petra Mandová (Cinema Jam, Mandy), Sam Morrill (VIMEO), Matt Turner (Shooting People), Will Tennant (The Imaginarium Studios) and Adam Woodward (Little White Lies) selected 10 short films to be shown at the live event.

An audience of 120+ viewers attended the event at Hackney Showroom where, after pledging eternal love and dedication to keeping cinema alive and watching a bunch of shorts, they selected the film Billy The Kid by Sam Johnson as the winner of the Audience Award. Pick Up by Adam Bloom took home the Cinephilia Award and the winner of the Jury Award was presented to The Babysitter by Hope Kemp.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our partners below for their kind support in 2016.

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